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How Do You Incentivize Human Nature?

written by: Precibus



How do you incentivize human nature?
We’re still studying the population’s behavior
Three percent of corporate leaders are heartless lions getting fed
The rest of us are hungry and all too eager to be led
What if we incentivized compassion?
So we all got a decent ration?
But, you'll see a bad man and wish you could be like them
A badass, powerful villain capable of unspeakable sins
Why? It’s human nature. We’ll practice on the poor
We’ll practice on our children and gladly toss them out the door
We wish ourselves dark and vicious, invulnerable to pain
The first person we kill is ourselves, without considering if it’s in vain
We construct a fantasy with “truths” and shape human nature to our aims
But your brain remains, and we can mine beneath the mask
Some of us still value truth, and make studying yours our task
I’m not blind to your weakness and vulnerability, it’s not that hard to see
In your delusion you forgot, to act and pretend is not the same as to be.
What fuels you will be the same as always, a desire, a deep need, to hide.
There’s a difference between truly being heartless and trying to bury the softness inside.



26, just finding my voice. One day I hope to study music and be a professional lyricist. I like to develop my personal mythology to describe life, and relate to old mythology too.

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