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written by: Rob Clark


Inflicted again
My addiction never ends
Another vixen w/a pen
Riddle me this
Sizzled to a crisp
Caught b/t infatuation & inspiration

Divinity in her words
Serendipity in the stir
The bend in me begins to blur
Fact from fiction
As I interact with her diction

She is bits & pieces

of my poetic


Listen to her calm
& the
Nitroglycerin in her bomb
Exploding stillness into my Willing
Filling me with feeling
I am none
I am a million
I am one in a billion

I’m draped within
her naked skin
The kind of sin
known to break me in
Like my waves
against her shore
She sends me away
& I race in once more

Her heavenly body in transit thru the constellations

Full circle circa the #Zodiac
Across her pleasure
I scroll the map

Her absence
begins this a medley
A melody that I sing

Serenading the chasms
with magic unimagined

She is the light
Filling the voids
of my night
The harmonics
of white noise
inside my mind
The hardest line
I’ll never write

in the still
She is my fill

on that salacious tongue
My God
She has me climbing her walls

Never leaving the bed
P in her breath
… to the edge
Pinned & Flipped
in the lUSt that is fed

I taste her hopes
Until she explodes
out of
Risquè ropes

Rob Clark

Rob Clark

I am a musician, a poet, a comedian, and an aesthetic engineer. I am nobody and nobody is me.
Rob Clark

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