Hunt of the damphyr, poetry written by Linda M. Crate at

Hunt of The Damphyr

hunt of the damphyr

written by: Linda M. Crate



the blood moon sings
all hallow’s eve
has arrived
magic dances all around the thinned veil,
and this night the damphyr
freely hunts;
mistaken for being in costume
there are no limitations
for what she can and cannot do—
it will be too late
once they realize what she really is:
a monster
not quite vampire but not altogether human,
by then the laughter will have died from their lips
and a look of terror will set in as they look to the moon
for guidance they can never adhere to;
and by then she will be hunting again
her blood lust never sated—
they, hiding behind their masks,
she bravely walking as she is;
but they would rather their pretty lies
not the bitter roots of every truth that could save them.

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