Hurricane Harvey written by Cindy Medina at

Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey

written by: Cindy Medina



So peaceful within,
rent by violence all ’round;
eye of hurricane.

City turned gray and
silver, shot through with motors;
Harvey pounds Houston.

(motors of rescue boats,
vehicles, helicopters)

Storm-spawned tornadoes:
Harvey’s wrath breeds violent,
solitary imps.


Dumbly flashing red
or amber: Traffic signals
above swirling flood.

Drooping ears, big sad
eyes, cringing and confused: Storm’s
toll on canine friends.


Rooftops and treetops
dot vast tracks of silvery-gray.
Devastating flood.


Incessant rain and
dark again descend: Pity
all souls trapped tonight.



Written in sympathy of Hurricane Harvey’s many victims and devastating impact.

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