Hurting Me, poetry written by Criss Tripp at
Jared Brashier

Hurting Me

Hurting Me

written by: Criss Tripp



Alone I appreciate as darkness envelopes me.
Develops me discernibly, like the road unseen.
I’m seen uncontrollably like I’ve yearned to be.
Dethroned I hone depreciating the letters I see.
Resurgence sees like urging “I’m home” earnestly.
Real emergencies unearned without urgency.
Like the surging seas are pleased to hurting me.
Herding me, annoyed with a boisterous means.
Voicing needs, emerging through my soulless body.
Embodied to define the lies that combine to fight me.
Finding glee, despite the vines that wrap tightly.
Trying seems too tight, suffice the light of lightening.
Enlightening like the bright bite, isn’t frightening.
I’m fighting and I’m finding, my inner turmoil surprising.
Reprising isn’t enlightening, nor the light isn’t lighting.
It’s biting, as I’m biding, I don’t like to fight, I’m writhing.
I’m writing as I’m riding, like the lines of what I’m hiding.
I’m hitting but I’m not quitting, like the pain it’s just beginning.
I’m beckoning in the wreck, of reckoning, despite the trek,
It isn’t lessening.
I’m wrestling and questioning, all along as the sirens sing.
Silencing getting enveloped into everything.
Sequestering my quest like it’s earning me.
I’m concerned to be, like I’m learning fees.
All along I’m still strong, it’s not hurting me.

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