I Am A Rebel, poetry by Ibikunle Olorundamilare Cornelius at Spillwords.com
Ui Silvestre

I Am A Rebel

I Am A Rebel

written by: Ibikunle Olorundamilare Cornelius


If crossing the line of comfort
To achieve my goals makes me go into rebelling,
Then I am a rebel!
Like a day old baby my memory is blank

I grew up struggling to adhere to the beat given to me by life,
I was chased into the street
Trying to make ends meet
All I could do was to hope for a better life

I was about giving up
When I was drinking 7up
Then I reminded of how much I desire to be successful

Tell it to the world I am coming to the top
And claim my position,
I am coming to make wrong right
I will always grow back stronger than ever
And surprise the crowd like a rapture.

The end will justify the means for me to be successful I don’t mind being a rebel.

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