I Am A Woman, Flame On Ice written by Mahima Sharma at Spillwords.com

I Am A Woman, Flame On Ice

I am a Woman, Flame on Ice

written by: Mahima Sharma



When present was dark and future… wrong,
Existence was no longer a melodious song.
When Life seemed only a stormy… steep hill,
Among the clouds – dark and still.

Heart was low and hurdles high,
Lips longed to smile, but eyes would cry.

I paused, breathed and gathered my wings…I did not quit, I am a woman
Took the final flight with all my might… I did not fear, I am a woman.
Courage propelled my wings when I was hardest hit,
I am a woman, but I never quit.

My arduous flight with twists and unknown turns,
That is Life’s beauty, a woman learns.
Who can tell how close you are?
It might be near… when it seems far.

I never gave up when the hope was low,
And gave the hurdles… my strongest blow.
I pounced on enemies and never felt down,
Coz I knew so close was my golden crown.

Daughters are hope turned inside out,
The silver tint in the clouds of doubt.
My silver now shines bright… with hearts of gold,
My daughters my pride…my crown I am told.

I had the zest to chase a dream,
Bear all pain and did not scream,
My life is nothing but sugar and spice,
I am a woman, Flame on Ice.

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