I Am An Orphan, poetry by Massayan Favor Kollie at Spillwords.com
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I Am An Orphan

I Am An Orphan

written by: Massayan Favor Kollie



I am an orphan
My parents died when I was just four
I grew up with no hope and
All my life I’ve been unable to explore

I live on the streets because I’m homeless
People take advantage of me because I’m fatherless
I’ve been insulted because I’m motherless
I’ve been assaulted because of my weakness

All day I cried because I was broken
I tried to regain my pride but it was taken
I started smoking & drinking
But it was never the right thing

Days passed and nights came
I wanted to change but I was still the same
I started to steal because I had no aim
I am an orphan and my life has been full of shame

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