I am..... written by Camille at Spillwords.com

I am…..

I am…..

written by: Camille



I am the sum of all that is…..
Within me a beautiful connection to all that exists.
From the deepest oceans to the tallest mountain peaks.
Lifeblood and rivers – flowing as one.

I am the wind that blows through ancient forests.
The red hot ember in the fire, glowing bright.
The sunset on a summer’s night, myriad of orange and red.

I am the lioness, protector of all that I love.
Love that is endless and all encompassing.
A love that asks for nothing in return.

I am the rock face, stark and majestic.
My passion not eroded by time.
Steadfast and determined – proud.

I am the past, the present and the future.
My body a mere vessel.
My soul will roam free for eternity, long after I am but dust.

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