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I Am Of Water

written by: Collie



I am of water.
I walk around my senses dulled
Nothing has so much taste or smell
For I am of water.

I am of water
Submerged in grief
I lie or sit doing nothing at all
For I am of water.

My ears know words are spoken
But my heart doesn't really hear.
Although truly appreciating all words
For I am of water.

I am of water
I venture out and feel the weather
it makes no difference to me below.
For I am of water.

When I surface and take my breath.
My heart bursts forth and my tears fall.
For we can talk no more
I am of water.

I am of water.
Still, deep, oppressive.
Protected from the burning heat
Of griefs deep fire.

I am of water.
But you, you are ether now.
When I come up to breathe
I find you everywhere.

You are of air.
Free flowing blowing gently.
My hand grabs your finger as a child.
I am of water.

The dam is built and the pressure felt.
It will explode in a river of mourning
Or be stagnant for years stifling me,
I would chose the former.

For I am of water
And you, you are free flowing air.



I run a writing group in the south of France.
I have written and produced a play in Dublin 20 years ago.
I write lyrics.
I am working on a Novel.

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