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I Can’t Wait to Log Back in

i can’t wait to log back in

written by: PMMurphy



distance seems longer
going on forever,
i am tied to you by only
one, thing.

relaying messages through
the skeptical box
are you real?
is this you?

skype calls and fun at night
things tend to drift away
into many things
as it becomes an addiction

hour on hour,
we tend to folly with
our lives and just simply
chat with one another;
nothing too promiscuous

days go by,
even weeks.
we seem to keep up the charade
its fun, delightful;
yet childish and naive
as we don’t understand
anything we are getting ourselves into

i remember your company;
wishing i had more
i wanted you next to me
as at one point you did too.

we reconcile lost images
but you always were around
some other guy,
distance kept us from trying
something crazy

then one day, i was fed up
we known each other for years now
on what i would like to call more
personal level

but you on the other hand,
had decided i was not your suitor anymore
as i was left drifting away
in the black abyss

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