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I Declare

I Declare

written by: J.M.G.



My dear,

I hereby explain to you a “Declaration”. What is a declaration? It’s the most powerful word mankind knows; man has used a declaration for initiating wars, to announce a winner, to present a husband and wife, and to speak of the ultimate human emotion, Love.

What makes it so important to declare something? The answer has become clear to me: Man believes in principles, he believes in the accountability of words and, when a man declares something he commits with authority his convictions. It’s an unbreakable contract between the body and its essence. In other words the energy commits the body to the words that will follow. It demonstrates integrity, honesty, finality, intangibles that allow the energy to exhibit cosmic fortitude in this organic world. It speaks to a confidence that programmed and at times confused organisms are incapable of feeling. It certifies that there is more to us than the senses perceive. It’s all about the soul, and that unseeing spark of God that enlightens this vessel we call the human body, and, conclusively to our cosmic destiny that emboldens us to speak authoritative words that will carry consequence driven, l unchangeable actions.  So if destiny reveals itself, and soulful intuition speaks, then the following words are meant to be:

I declare that in the destined reality in which we live, I with confidence can say that I have declared war on this life because no level of mortal negativity will blind me from the purpose of life. I declare that I have won the battle because through these journeys ups and downs I never gave up on the importance of living, learning, overcoming, and achieving both mortal and eternal happiness. I declare that I am the husband of one specially designed soul that’s connected to mine from cosmic inception, that’s in form of a woman, and I am married to her in mortality and immortality.

And most importantly I declare my love to you; my one and only… and this is why I know I love you.

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