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I Died A Little

I died a little

written by: Donna Africa



You know
I died a little
I cried a little
I despaired a little
knowing that you
no longer here
to wipe away my
mournful, sad
and lonely tears
left forlorn
to pick up the pieces
and to carry on
all alone!

You know
I sighed a little
I grieved a little
I tried to forgive
and to forget
to move on
but to no avail
as nothing in
this materialistic
mad world could
replace or
bring you
back to me!

You know
My fragile heart
cracked a little
as my limp useless body
hurt & ached a little
left alone
lost & vulnerable
and tragically blue
without you!

You know
since you left me
I die a little
each & every day
nothing can
fill this soulless
hollow abyss
I feel or ease
my grief stricken
pangs of pain
you always in my prayers
since you went away.

You know
I cry an ocean of tears
each & every day
but nothing alleviates
or abates my
tears or fears
you no longer here
to comfort & soothe
or fill the vacuum
left in my heart
and soul today.

You know
I will never forget you Kris
A true presence
& pure gift to us all
A talented Artist
great giver & listener
remembering the good times
that we both shared
to commemorate & celebrate
your tragic life

Lovingly remembered
and cherished
in my heart and mind
today and forever more
as I say my final farewell
and adieu to my late
beloved Sweet Soul Sis Kris


Written by Donna Africa
© Donna Africa


R.I.P Krista Thompson 24/12/1961 – 29/06/2011
Goodbye My Beloved Sweet Soul Sis Kris. I Will Always Love & Miss you. Till we meet again in Jerusalem. Love eternally, Donna Africa – Your Big Sis. 

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