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written by: Bojana Stojcic



I was raised from the dead once and went on
to comfort the mourners outside my tomb as if
it was they who had been nailed to the cross

(are you invincible when you conquer death?)
Transformed lives are said to testify
to the Resurrection but

if life is no longer alive in this bosom
and nothing impels me to change
is my revival justified?

Bojana Stojcic

Bojana Stojcic

Bojana Stojcic writes and bites, like a lot, so try not to piss her off. Her poems and flash pieces are published or forthcoming in Rust + Moth, Anti-Heroin Chic, Down in the Dirt, Mojave Heart Review, Dodging the Rain, The Opiate, The Stray Branch, Tuck magazine, X-R-A-Y Lit Magazine, and elsewhere. She blogs regularly at Coffee and Confessions to go.
Bojana Stojcic

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