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I Hate Me

written by: PYG's Whisper



I walked a long way on a path that seemed familiar to me
I met some beings, who seemed honest to me,
I opened my mouth until my tooth of wisdom appeared
To all those whom launched a brilliant smile to me,
But who knew at that time, it was only a fateful virus
That had poisoned my mind and set it on blaze,
I had a kingdom I called dream,
A roof I called protection,
4 walls I called vista,
But it took just a gust of wind, for all this to fall apart
I saw everything I built, flown in pieces into different directions
But my eyes couldn't catch one fucking patch until it all faded away
I tried to breathe the ashes of my soul
Which was badly charred in the cresset of my loss
Thinking that I could reborn it even though I was so damn doubting it babe,
Shit I’m so dumb that I’m going numb,
Simply because I sucked this odium left in the dust,
I tried to whine my bitterness hoping that I could seduce happiness,
But I woke up frozen on this cold ground called sorrow
So, I yelled 'I need you to save me, without you I'm nothing baby'
But I didn’t even know whom I'm calling,
I don't remember why I’m here,
I hate myself I hate me
I hate the fact that my heart is still beating
Despite this fucking pain covering my body,
You told me once this life is a movie
Shoot it well or bury yourself in the obscurity,
So I climbed on this endless tower,
Waiting for your signal to awake my pulse
Maybe then I could love back who I am...

PYG's Whisper

PYG's Whisper

PYG's Whisper is a simple poet and slam poetry artist,creator of AccapelaNoMusika and MicroSlamPoetry.
I breathe art andi liveto slam.
PYG's Whisper

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