I Have My Space, poetry written by Henry Bladon at Spillwords.com

I Have My Space

I Have My Space

written by: Henry Bladon


I probably look pretty sad,
sitting here alone in this seat,
pitiful, pathetic, even

but I have my space
from where I can recall happiness
of my childhood with Billy.

From here I can watch
the arriving tide,

from here I can see people
walking on the beach with their dogs.

I also know what sadness is,
like when poor Billy was singing,

his gentle voice would crack
as words squeezed from his lips
and past the tears on his cheeks.

The last time I saw this,
he ended up on his haunches
hands covering his face.

Not long after that Billy decided
to take himself from the world.

Life went on but things were
never quite the same.

Now I have my space
where I remember my brother Billy.

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