I Have Something To Say, a poem by Jessica Moore at Spillwords.com
Kelly Sikkema

I Have Something To Say

I Have Something To Say

written by: Jessica Moore


I tell you that I need to talk but your body tightens up,
It’s like oil and water that just resist and don’t add up.
Wherever can we go whatever can we do
If you constantly resist what I feel inside for you.

The more I try to pull you closer, the further you get,
You’d rather leave me, waiting, hoping I’d forget.
But when you need me there, am right by your side,
Yet when I need you to hear, you’d rather run and hide.

I need you to understand me like the grass does the morning dew
How can you love me but resist my feelings I have for you,
If I dare bring it up that I have something to say,
Your skin becomes tighter, you roll your eyes and look away.

You draw in your breath and then rub your head,
I guess, I should’ve been quiet and never have said,
Should’ve just stayed quiet and never have tried,
It would’ve made you happy even tho inside I cried.

The day will come, when I’ll be no longer here,
Maybe you wouldn’t have so much time, not near,
And then you will wish to hear, Honey, I have something to say,
But, no more words from me as the hearse is taking me away.

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