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I Just Feel So Very Happy

written by: Scott Rainer


I just feel so very happy,
Like I’m lost in a tranquil dream,
Like I'm eating cheesecake with whipped cream,
And I am half crazy and no one cares.

I feel so very happy,
For I wrote a song tonight.
To celebrate myself and play with myself,
And end up making a fool of myself.

I feel so very happy,
Dancing to that punk rock,
Singing in the voice of an angel,
Until life moves over.

I just feel so very happy,
Like the world is empty and no one cares.
I am feeling happy ‘cause I am young and I am free,
I am floating on the surface like a balloon filled with air.

Through life, I move, crossing intersections,
Riding anticipations.
Playing that grand ole' piano heavy and hard,
The time has come when I find myself,
And fix myself,
So I am no longer a vagabond at heart.

It’s time I move, and learn to leave alone,
The happiness is doing me some good.
I  laugh, and laugh aloud,
And do it all over again.

Scott Rainer

Scott Rainer

I could be described as an intellectual soul from the 60's trying to find myself in endless hues. With a love of travelling, music and chess, and good writing, poetry is perhaps all that I know how to say.
Scott Rainer

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