I Leave For You, poetry by Simona Prilogan at Spillwords.com
Sandra Kaas

I Leave For You

I Leave For You

written by: Simona Prilogan


I leave for you my secret message
Written on playful wings of breeze,
It’s yellow, sweet, with velvet touching,
Stirring with thirst the leaves of trees.
It may sing tunes below your windows,
Playing guitars in cherubs’ choirs,
Or might be waltzing between shadows
Of undefined seraphic fires.

I leave for you my longing flashes
With tears becoming sacred bliss,
Somewhere beneath of fondness’s ashes,
Twisting my fate under stars’ kiss.
And even if the storms would swamp them,
They may arrive to you in time,
Lighting those sparks somehow, I sensed
We’re stuck between the past’s strong rhyme.

I leave for you my love as healing
The wounds still bleeding in sunsets,
Carrying divine light beams, revealing
The crooked faces of regrets.
Meanwhile, I shall leave the trail to you,
To find yourself for a fresh start.
Holding my twinge underneath the blue
I colour dreams in my chambers’ heart.

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