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I Left Home as a Boy

written by: Lionel Ntasano



I left home as a boy
Came back as a man
I used to be quite coy
But now I am able to stand

I learned to show no pain and no mercy
Because this was my journey
By rod and lash I was punished
As the kid in me had painfully vanished

Lionel Ntasano

Lionel Ntasano

Lionel was born in the third smallest county in Africa, also, one of the most unknown countries in the world - Burundi. He has lived, traveled, and studied all over the globe, trying new things (Here), enjoying transient relationships (There), and safekeeping values from (Everywhere) - He is secretly a Beatles fan to say the least, a musician at heart, culinary chef by profession, but, George Orwell tapped into his unconscious mind liberating a part of him through literature. He has made it his lifetime goal to share this liberating abstract ideology by writing. His first attempt was by publishing a novel titled, 'Greener On The Other Side'.
Lionel Ntasano

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