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I Miss You Then

written by: K. A. Truax



Daytime is the worst.
I miss you, then.
I miss your voice, your touch, your kiss.
The scent of you lingers on my skin and
I become cognizant of this devastating force with
which I love.
I love you with an all-consuming heat pulsing
through my veins.
I love you with my butterfly ridden heart and my
aching mind.
I love you deep in the hidden recesses of my soul.
Yes, daytime is the worst.
So I whisper into the wind,
Come, darkness.
Fall upon the earth.
Soft star shine, carry my love home to me.

K. A. Truax

K. A. Truax

I am a healthcare executive and writer exploring character development through poetry. My current work in progress, "In the Shadow of the Sacred Heart" is a labor of love.

A lifelong bibliophile and writer, I am now beginning to share my words with others.
K. A. Truax

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