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I Searched Long

I Searched Long

written by: Ashleigh-Dawn Watson


I searched long
and into the night,
flashing to and fro a mirror
for hours,
weeks, months and years.
Til I was weak, and praying still
that someone would see its light.
And in the end,
when I was through and cold
and my soul seemed too old,
I found what I sought
when I was oddly
no longer seeking at all.

I looked for so long,
I eagerly turned in my turmoil.
Beckoning to you,
and yet,
I didn’t know to whom I was beckoning.
That there was nothing else I could ever need,
until I looked down and into your eyes
and realized
I was not voraciously displacing my emptiness any longer
but was
being filled up like an empty vessel.
That I was not being taken, but was giving of myself,
and that this was
of another variety I couldn’t put words to.
That could not be matched with eloquent vocabulary, for it was
wordless in its workings.

And when you said the words,
I wept while knocked over in my realization.
And when I wept,
you swept up my tears with your lips.
And when your lips touched my eyes,
I had no sight.
For before,
I was looking all along in the wrong place,
at the wrong face,
and I finally knew my home was here with you.
And within you,
I saw all that I was searching for.
Here you laid and I could do nothing
but revel in rejoice;
see the universe in your pupils as you wrapped yourself in my heart.

And as my heart broke for finally finding you,
All I knew
was the certainty of the moment,
of the words,
and how worth it the hours,
weeks, months and years
of suffering it truly was
to finally arrive
at the foot of your temple.

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