I See The Sea Glass In Your Eyes, For Susan, poetry by Phyllis Schwartz at Spillwords.com
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I See The Sea Glass In Your Eyes, For Susan

I See the Sea Glass in Your Eyes, for Susan

written by: Phyllis Schwartz


I see the sea glass in your eyes green,
sometimes wet and shiny.

Next to stones the dreamy color of
turquoise summer skies.

Or ocean emeralds achingly opaque,
tumbled by uneven waves.

Nearby the Bell Vireo camouflaged by
beach crystal colored celadon.

Other pieces deeply violet mirrors to your
beautiful vision, so true it never lies.

Beach jewels more gold than coins in a
precious heart purse.

Use them like currency,
to trade away the darkness.

Then smaller ones in cocoa brown rolled in
sand like a sea sugar cure for starfish.

They scrub our rough spots smooth but
never all the way to their cerulean center.

Please, O Please
Keep that for us forever!

Phyllis Schwartz

Phyllis Schwartz

Phyllis Schwartz is a married mother of two, who, after a highly successful career in the TV news business, finally has the time to indulge in and focus on her “civilian” writing. Even as a kid, she kept a diary and wrote little stories and poems, a creative release that continued well into adulthood. She wrote news by day and poetry by night. And despite battling three different types of cancer over more than three decades, she is still filled with energy, joy, and optimism, and she looks forward to writing much more poetry and children’s books in the future. Her writing often centers on what she observes daily: including her friends, husband, and two children, as well as her garden and her beautiful beach town residence in dreamy Encinitas, all providing continued inspiration for her verse.
Phyllis Schwartz

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