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I See You My Dear

I see you my dear

Original Prose by JMG

Edited by Anne G

I see you my dear.

I see you in the clouds and I picture the winds of your gentle soul forming the clouds and creating shapes of your face so I can think of you.

I see you in the shadows your sun creates on the ground when it illuminates light through the trees of the forest.

I smell you in the morning when the morning dew washes the skin of the flowers that are as beautiful as you.

I hear you in the laughter of children when I sit in the park.

I taste you when my lips touch the surface of a succulent fruit.

I feel you when I touch the silk of my shirt.

You’re invasive to my senses; you’re persuasive to my soul.

You intoxicate my body and inspire my entire creation.

I don’t ask why, but just accept that you’re in all of my nature.

My instincts guide me to you in any way they can, seeking you, the one that makes me happy.

Now that I’ve confessed how I see you and what you mean to me, let me show you who I am to you.

I am.

I’m the sky where your gentle winds blow.

I’m the axis where your sun orbits.

I’m the seed to your flower.

I’m the park where your laughter echoes.

I’m the tree where your fruit rests.

I’m the worm that spins your fine silk.

I’m your other half and together we’re complete.

Don’t lose sight of what I am because I haven’t lost sight of you.

Let’s embrace in nature’s wondrous glory and make this story have a loving end.

I’ll see you tomorrow when you wake up as you can be sure, I’m that voice that will wake you up and remind you, that you’re alive.

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