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I Will Never Forget

I will never forget

written by: Suwong


She made hell for my mother
You see she left her husband because he was too poor
He climbed on top of buildings with a bottle of water
A dry loaf of bread in his hand 
Roaming the streets in the day looking for work 
Opting to repair watches to get a meal

She couldn’t stand this man she had married 
So he went in search of another woman 
Then he met my mother, married her brought her home
Pregnant with my eldest sibling, the other woman returned, bringing her jealousy and envy, making my mother’s life a living hell

Then I was born into a home full of conflict 
Witchcraft was the weapon used against my mother
At only one month old, my mother left home
Leaving us in the mercy and madness of an insane woman
Instead of feeding us with good milk, she would dilute it to 10% water, dump us in cold water, hoping that all these would kill us as she didn’t want our blood directly on her hands

Was it not for our paternal grandmother, we would have died, but when she heard of what we were going through 
She came and rescued us from this deranged woman 
She raised us with love and care as though she was our mother

After our primary education, we had to move back in with our dad and his insane wife
Worse times filled with every kind of abuse awaited us
…to be continued…



I was born and raised in Nakuru, Kenya, the end and last born of my mother.
I love reading in quiet moments. I hope to be submitting more of my work here. Stanley Wilkin is an inspiration to me as he grips my attention in his works narrations.

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