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If Only Love Can Make You Wise

If Only Love Can Make You Wise

written by: CB Prasanna Venkatesh


Time may grab the years from your life
Time may grab the tears from your eyes
Time may leave you with questions about your future
Time doesn’t stop, it just flies.

Ask a man who’s been in love
What he felt when he first met the girl of his dreams
He speaks of moonlights and sunsets
How he dreamed of fairies and places that were never seen.

Wisdom springs in those hearts
Hearts that once fell in love
One needs to pass through this age of insanity
And overcome the thoughts once sowed.

Thoughts and feelings of people
Get withered by age
As a person grows older in stature
His maturity likens to a sage.

As time passes by
Love becomes a word of the past
Falling in love more than once
Is no longer a pleasure, but only a task.

Time and tide wait for no man
Is not a cliched adage of yesterday
Life will turn out to be a joyous caravan
When you learn to live it by a day.

So, don’t wait for love to seize you
Enjoy little moments of surprise
You will never be tired of waiting
If only love can make you wise…

CB Prasanna Venkatesh

CB Prasanna Venkatesh

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CB Prasanna Venkatesh

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