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If Only We Could Reboot

written by: Jacob Greb


There goes my CPU as my motherboard becomes out of date. My central processing over the tiniest tasks takes over ten milliseconds, that’s like ages in human time. There goes my storage and all the old bits begin to spill and fragment and I cannot restore my final drafts. There goes my RAM as I try to recall the last task that I’ve done and the progression of its upload times out and crashes down. All the aches and pains crackle, just like my bones tear and break. My old age shows as I can no longer run as fast as the new make… and I slowly dwindle away before I have a last chance to reboot.

Jacob Greb

Jacob Greb

Jacob Greb is a pragmatic introvert, living a quiet life with his wife and a feline companion named Pretzel. His work of short fiction and poetry about struggles with mental illness, beauty of life, and aches of love has appeared in various magazines, journals, and anthologies worldwide.
Jacob Greb

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