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If Only

If Only

written by: Anthony Henderson



If only I had forever….
I could tell you how much your love means to me
If only I had always….
I could bring all of life’s wonderment for you to see

If I only had a hundred years….
I could begin to make all your hurt part
If I only had a decade…..
I could try to bring peace to your heart

If I only had a year….
I could make an anniversary full of glee
If I only had a month…..
I could make you wonder what’s next to see

If I only had a week…
I could show you life is worth living
If I only had a day…
I could offer you all I have worth giving

Those are the things I would do if only I had time
I am not promised anything but this moment to be true
I share it with the hopes and dreams of forever and always
This is my “IF ONLY”….and this I want ONLY with you

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