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I'll Find A Way

written by: Tanisha Khurana


I'm lost but I'll find a way
Like I do every time
When in ashes
Screaming for help but not saying a word
Yes I'll find a way
To my home which I haven't found yet
I'll build it from the bricks thrown at me
Like I was an outsider
Like I don't belong here
I belong to myself
And that's what I care
That's just what is left for me
To be my own superhero
In this reality you choose
Where to belong
And I belong to myself

Tanisha Khurana

Tanisha Khurana

Tanisha Khurana is published in three anthologies and has a solo book called 'Untamed Verses'. I write everyday, it's my passion and I will keep writing till the day I die.
Tanisha Khurana

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