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I’m Still Running

written by: Sue Vanderberg


I’ve laid under the stars
Tried to identify mars
Looked for the face of God
In the places I have trod
I have jogged the Appalachian Trail
Across waters I have sailed

I’m still running

Searching for perfect views
And to calm my heart with sunset hues
I’ve climbed far away hills
And consumed distant air as if it were pills
I’ve driven many roads
To ease this burdensome load

I’m still running

I’ve analyzed every pretty rock
For secrets to unlock
Danced in the rain
Just to forget the pain
I tried to run fast enough to catch a new feeling
And break free through this suffocating ceiling

I’m still running

To find that open door
To find where my soul is not at war
I’ve searched for peace
Where my weary heart can feast
A new day transcending all the others
When what is missing lands light on life like drifting feathers

I’m still running

To a place I can exhale all the stress
And press my ear to that beating chest
To the land that I feel the pull of this tether
A far off location that I can be better
I often feel I run in vain
That there is nothing in the other side to gain

But I’m still running

Running towards something
Is better than running towards nothing
I will it to be in my mind
And hope life is ever so kind
To grant me this one wish
A place where I can live in bliss

So I’m still running

Sue Vanderberg

Sue Vanderberg

Sue Vanderberg is an American writer and poet who resides in Huntsville, AL.
She is an artist and a poet with a wanderlust soul and lover of nature. She volunteers her time with the homeless and her services as a face painter for different worthy causes in the surrounding communities.
Sue is an artist at Bird in the Mountain Art.
Sue Vanderberg

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