Imprisoned, poetry by Vidya Venkataramanan at
Jenny Yang



written by: Vidya Venkataramanan


We imprison minds
In cages of steel,
We feel
The need to condition
It in all kinds of
We have wings to fly
Out of there,
But we prefer
To stay in
The cage
And be the sage of
Self -Pity and blame!
Wounded comforts
Snuggle up to
Prison walls!

The cage door is left half-open,
So one can
Use free will
To fly.
It only takes
Flights of fancy
To soar out
Of imagined walls,
Nothing holds you back,
Only the fear of liberty!

A Locked cage
Seems like bondage,
But to the mind,
Which frees itself,
Of claustrophobic thoughts,
No doors can lock
Or block the flight
To freedom.

A mind can break
Or make a prison out of
A mind can break
Or make freedom
Out of imprisoned thoughts!

Will it?
Will it!

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