In a Whisper of Time, poetry by Roy Eisenstein at
Immo Wegmann

In a Whisper of Time

In a Whisper of Time

written by: Roy Eisenstein



Take this message with you as you meander the night
Carry my wound in your hand
Use it for an easy joke between cocktails
Or a passing comment in a short story

Show it to yourself in the rain
Or when others chase your skirt
Hang it on a wall near a shopping list
Or use it to fill a hole in your shoe

Read it backwards in a mirror
So it loses all meaning
And becomes something else
Something foolishly human

Take my confession to the park
And bury it under a tree
Or write it in the sand
Then walk on it

Convict me of my crime
And then forget my trial altogether
Make light of my passing
So no shadow remains

Walk away and don’t look back
I’ll be invisible
Yet all my love
Will remain written in a whisper of time

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