In Her Eyes, poetry written by Shadrach Davis at
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In Her Eyes

In Her Eyes

written by: Shadrach Davis


The words I wrote
Were what I saw
When I take a look
At her dark brown eyes

In her eyes
I found a place
To call a home
My safe ground
When I’m alone

In her eyes
The lights never
Stop to blaze
For they, are the
Lights that brighten
My day

In her eyes
I found a perfect future,
One I can’t deny
It was painted
Cristal clear

In her eyes
Fortitude, I found
To heal, my wounds
Of busted heart

That kept me
Down dusty dungeon,
Aching my ability
To love again

In her eyes
I found my heart
Reaching out to hers
For they were made
Not to be inch apart

Like two sides
Of the coin
Can’t do without
Each other

In her eyes
I found the promise
Of a better tomorrow
A tomb to
Rest my soul

Shadrach Davis

Shadrach Davis

I am Shadrach Davis, a Student at William V.S. Tubman University, majoring in Public Health. I am a member of the Phoenix Writing Club at Tubman University. I have interest in music, creative writings, arts, and sports. I'm an emerging writer with more interest in poetry. My writings basically promote African cultures, traditions and heritages. I also believe in the ideas of gender equality, where everyone can have equal opportunity regardless of your gender.
Shadrach Davis

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