In Thy Image, poetry written by Allan Kayiira at
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In Thy Image

In Thy Image

written by: Allan Kayiira



In thy image;

Fumigations of perfections breathe through a city of lives.

Lifeforms mirthful of meaning as ever meant,
persistent, powerful,
perforating these thin membranes of time, injuring the skies with wings of wisdom and stoking sight with obligations.

Such art forged with consistency,
surrounded by solutions.

And yet still,
like morning fog or fondling of car traffic,
curiosities’ thirst I let crawl into my mouth like heartworms,
laying eggs in my lungs, changing my points of view upstairs,

Such consistency,

So I sing days’ hellos and nights’ lyrics as
I sip upon smiles and opportunities breed roots upon depths of my belly,
believer I wake,
walk in hopes of dawn and works of blessings as years turn spring blooms to summer leaves,

I am after all, human,
in thy image.

Allan kayiira

Allan kayiira

I am Alan kayira, an East African from Uganda.

I am besides poet a finance graduate and insurer.

Poetry is my muse and has always been my hindsight intrigue for writing. I love words for they are foundation of every sentient beings basis of communication. Always have been, be it prose or poetry.

Am also mused by how timeless life blossoms be here on earth or far in the cosmic. I think our lives are but journeys, and what better way to write the stories thereof.
Allan kayiira

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