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India Shinning

India Shinning

written by: Dr. Alok Kumar Ray

During your political career’s flag end
India shining was the motto to amend
Oh! Atal, the gruesome nature of politics
Very pathetic but you injected hope, remained optimistic
Though you lost elections for bad luck
Your deeds then spoke candidly your shock
A political craftsman so nicely knitted
You stood against the time of upheaval fitted
An extempore orator of the rarest kind
You caused ripples in then listeners’ mind
A ray of smile always seen in your jovial face
Sufficient enough to knee down foes en masse
Oh! Atal, you were a patriot in the true sense
Indulged against the enemies to seriously debase
You were a bard who could mesmerize very profound
Inclined to public good, imbibing ethos of well-being, brotherhood
A jewel-like you could cause India shining for eternity
Yeo- man’s service you performed for the entire humanity
Crystallized with honesty, equity, sanctity your statesmanship
We remember forever, thou self of yours is hard to skip



This is a tribute to Bharatratna Sri Atal Bihari Vajpayee, the former Prime Minister of India.

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