Inhuman Love written by Daipayan Nair at

Inhuman Love

Inhuman Love

written by: Daipayan Nair


Being coarse,
humanity has found rough
corners to hide

A group of corners
afraid to be called face
as each can divide

Cliffs of sea,
the furrows on a field,
dunes in a desert

Experiences, emotions,
tragedies, diplomacies
brings out some undeniable
bones in a beauty

The world believes in
calling sad outcomes, beautiful
if it surpasses the mortality
of a believer, just once

One needs to hide in some
Someone has to hide in all

I believe in the face
named by ‘us’
which has enough corners
wickedly crafted

A face in which corners
are quite revealing
but tears come out, stay hidden

With a smile,
I create some more

They never pay
heed to my wrinkles later,
so the present is safe too

Humanity hides its face
Denies the sharp failure within
out of inhuman love.

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