Innuendos, a poem written by Sergio A. Ortiz at
Jason Schjerven



written by: Sergio A. Ortiz



I know you count my setbacks,
my dulled senses, so don’t pretend
to know where my heroes hide
their Elysian agitations.
I’m not surprised at how your tongue
skids over my nipples,
your breath heavy
on my neck.

Nuisance ran through all
the world’s water,
and left its muffled sorrow,
agitated flags and chorus
of new memories rehearsing hymns,
our regal miseries unearthed.

You are right, I do have a person
who doesn’t actually exist
to look up to, whose moon is as real
as the autumn sun, me.

Your eyes said, keep your door open
and I did. I rode your muted grief,
the tangled, fired-up tongue unloading its revolver in my mouth.

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