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written by: Ivanka Fear


Night falls, darkness descends.
Trick-or-treaters tucked in,
let the haunting begin.

Antique clock chimes midnight.
Moon casts an eerie glow
over a sleeping town.
Ghastly shadows threaten
on dark deserted streets.
Doors creak, windows shudder,
wind wails its mournful song.
Dread creeps through hollow house.
Spirits wake and wander,
unseen but presence felt.

And here I toss and turn, alone,
in pursuit of deep slumber, seeking respite from my demons,
yet striving for alertness to elude night terrors.
Perhaps a teapot of steeped chamomile to calm the nerves?
A treasured leather-bound book to minimize my edginess?
A midnight stroll through barren rooms to ease my mind?

Old clock strikes half past one.
Lamp posts glimmer yellow
in vacant neighborhood.
Ominous clouds hover
above in blackened sky.
Thunder roars, lightning strikes,
rain beats insistently.
Fright invades my chamber.
Apparitions flicker,
bolder as night prevails.

And as I peek from under covers, what might materialize?
Black cat standing guard,
monsters in my head instead of under my bed.
Perhaps some medication to dispel my trepidation?
A black and white movie picture to distract my thoughts?
Music on the old Victrola to settle my senses?

Alarm shows three fifteen.
Stars glitter through darkness
above abandoned yards.
Spooky quiet pervades
the wisps of misty air.
Dampness seeps in, cold chills,
fog surrounds my abode.
Specters possess my home,
now roaming freely about.

And I come to life, eyes popped open wide,
catching shadow creatures hovering over my bed,
blinking once, maybe twice, before they dissipate.
Awake or asleep? Reality or nightmare?
Or perhaps my reality is the nightmare?
A walking corpse syndrome…
No one really lives here.

I rise and wander.
Night calls, darkness portends…
Let the haunting begin.

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