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International Men's Day

written by: Madhu Jaiswal



It's perceived in our society that men are the most liberated gender. He is seen as the epitome of masculinity and is observed as the dominant one.
They are taught from their young age that men don't cry. They are restrained to show their emotional side to the world irrespective of what they feel or desire, they are seen as the tough counterpart of the community. But the reality is that they too feel all the emotions, they too get hurt and shed tears and are often demeaned and abused by the others.
My friend who is an IT professional tries to help his wife in her household activities whenever he is able to take time from his busy schedule. He cares about his children. Tries hard to fulfill all the responsibilities regarding them but never gets a single appraisal from his dictator wife.
If I compliment his wife that she must be proud for having such a caring husband she replies there's nothing to be proud of, as this is his duty. Nothing strange hearing all this, as most of the females think alike. It's a men's duty to care for his girl, and wife, making her feel loved, cared and desired. Don't men also need to be loved, cared, and made to feel that they are desired too?
We come across so many articles regarding how to woo a woman, how to make her feel loved and desired, even various tips about how to satisfy her needs in bed. But there are hardly some articles related to men and their needs for a fulfilling life. Men too have emotions and they too will definitely feel good if they are shown some respect and made to feel they are important, loved and a desired person in our lives.
If we talk about equality we should respect men in whatever way they need to portray themselves.
Not all men are rapists and criminals. They are noble souls that help us in various ways, sometimes in the form of a loving and caring husband in our household chores, sometimes as our mentors guiding us towards our goals, sometimes as a friend who makes our lives a little more cheerful when we are in some gloomy situation or sometimes as our soul mate who enlightens our soul in a beautiful way.
Let's give the much-needed respect to all those wonderful men out there who not only bring out the best in us but make this world beautiful to live in.
Happy International Men's Day to all those loving souls.



This is my opinion regarding those men whom I have always found loving, caring and gentle, trying hard to win some joyous moments for themselves in their families but they fail to do so. They hide their emotions behind the veil of a false smile and keep on.

Madhu Jaiswal

Madhu Jaiswal

Madhu Jaiswal is based and born in Kolkata (India). She is a simple homemaker who found her passion in writing poetries, articles and short stories. Her work is published in web magazines and on social platforms. Madhu is a friendly and compassionate person who believes in humanity and volunteers equally for the same.
Madhu Jaiswal

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