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Into Your Eyes

Into Your Eyes

written by: Joseph Kachiliko



Into your eyes I peer,
With sorrow within me tears,
My heart in half breaks with fear,
What is this that I see?

A fiend in him I once called friend,
In a night you flipped on the night we skipped
Our old rendezvous. I cannot comprehend what’s become of you,
Such impurity beyond all thoughts.

A tattered mind, a pampered heart is you the fount of avarice
Where is your truth, that forged the dreams of our forever youth?
True indeed times had changed yet my purity remained unfazed.
Infidelity you reek and treachery you speak behind the back of your trusting friend.

Judging I shall not, but by my gaze alone you confess,
Look me in the eye and speak the love you profess,
Yet treachery as well I will to forgive,
For with wounds in my heart I seize to live.

I am the open mind of your conscience,
Whose gaze searches the hearts of the ‘righteous’
Look at me again and confess the self you possess
For into your eyes I look, with honesty aloof.

Joseph Kachiliko

Joseph Kachiliko

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