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written by: Charlie Bottle



Etherized I lie before me,
incising layers of years,
feeling each layered moment
of you and I in purposed union
and taste the salty tears,
feel the shadowed fears,
and hear laughter and cheers
of our little victories,
and the joy of watching
the first tooth, the first smile,
the first step, the first day at school,
words reverberate softly in rooms
where we once were,
I feel their import and urgency,
their pain and anxiety
and at times comfort and relief.

Etherized I lie before me,
crisscrossing rendered facia,
the interlaced interwoven fabric
of the beauty of our togetherness
and at each layer I see
what you have meant to me
and what we meant to each other,
each synapse a memory
suffused with great love,
portraits of the teasings
and the mock fights and tumbles
the hurried breath and fumbles,
and serious conversations
of where would lead
from now to there,
and to where we are now.

Etherized I lie before me.
here in an introspective journey,
in the quiet contemplation of I
I as I conceive, perceive, and love me.
Speaking to myself as I sail the clouds
of clustered moments and conversations,
of ambitions, desires, wishes and wants,
as I coast down roads of acquisitions
down the alleys of buying, consuming
feeling, and fulfilling dreams,
the must-do complexity of our times.
I cycle down the paths of simplicity
down simple moments avenue
past simple home, dinners, conversations,
simple music, songs, holding hands,
simple clothes made from simple fabrics,
simply bought, cut and sewn
with the occasional frill, ribbon, patch or bow,
in simplicity, I find storehouses of love.

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