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written by: David Vaughan



The dead cold lands you roam, irredeemable dark paths you call home.

A merciless, barren place that must be, for you looked deep in my eyes, passing the days, reinforcing hope with manipulative lies.

Oaths that were spoken, discarded promises, oaths completely fragmented, not merely broken.

Mockery of the unbound love that was my gift. Unrequited, an ache made perpetual, static within the breach, this diabolical rift.

I gave you all of me, you were my soul’s desire. I asked only for honesty, but you were relentless, you threw more fuel on my kindled fires.

I imagine my heart’s pealing will be lightly thrown aside, for it is only my soul’s yearning that remains unreconciled.

David Vaughan

David Vaughan

I love reading fantasy and scifi. My writing pertains to the nature of emotions and the unbound beauty of nature. Deep and intense conversation is where my passions can be unfurled.
I live in the UK but I am truly German in origin.
David Vaughan

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