It Was The Night Before Christmas, a poem by Olivia Todd at
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It Was The Night Before Christmas

It Was The Night Before Christmas

written by: Olivia Todd



It was the night before Christmas, when all through the flat
Everyone was texting, even the cat!
The stockings were hung on the end of the bed,
Waiting for Santa to arrive on his sled.
The children were watching Frozen on telly,
Whilst excitement danced inside their bellies.
And Mum was doing some last minute shopping,
While Dad was complaining that the snow was not stopping.
When suddenly from the roof, there came a big BANG!
Why so much noise? No carollers had rang…
So to the balcony everyone ran
And the children began jumping and sang,
‘Santa is here, he’s come to us early!’
They looked up to see reindeer with coats that were curly.
Santa waved down from the roof,
And the family laughed as Rudolph stamped his hoof.
‘Steady there, Rudolph.’ Santa chuckled, rubbing his head.
‘You’ll get your carrots later, we’ve a long journey ahead!’
Then Mum called up to Santa, ‘Why are you here?’
Santa smiled and replied,
‘Please, lend me your ear, for Christmas comes but once a year.
Put down your phones and spread some cheer!
Hide away those iPads that steal your eyes
Instead read a book, they shall make you wise.’
He waved once more and mounted his sleigh,
And clicked the reins to ask his reindeer to ‘Fly away!’
The silver bells jingled and twinkled
As the frost underneath slippers crinkled.
Against the starry sky, the family watched Santa disappear
And they all leapt for joy knowing Christmas would soon be here!
The wind was like ice, it made them shiver
They headed inside to hot chocolate that rippled like a river.
Pink marshmallows on top bobbed like snowmen
As they sipped, they hoped they’d meet Santa again.
With red bauble cheeks they cuddled next to the fire
They imagined the snow piling higher and higher.
Their cat strolled over and flopped on its back
While the parents snuck away for a late eve snack!
Cookie crumbs tumbled from their mouths as they yawned,
But the children didn’t feel tired at all!
Then an idea for them dawned,
They grabbed their parents’ hands and led them down the hall.
Quicker than a present-wrapping elf, they tossed a book from the shelf.
All four of them hopped into bed, silence swirled over them as Dad read,
‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.’
He read for a while before Mum said,
‘Enough of this poem, let’s turn out the light,
It’s Christmas tomorrow, so we need a good night!’
Everyone snuggled down, the cat on the end,
Dreaming of the gifts the North Pole would send.
When they awoke the next day, ribboned presents were under the tree.
No one turned on their phones, there was too much to see,
And they knew with family was where they should be.

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