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It’s Over

It’s Over

written by: DeWayne Moore



Days that pass, they seem to agree
I apply myself to the decline
I feel as if all are my enemies
And on my soul malign

Yesterday’s just a blur
But tomorrow I’ll fight again
Fight against the madness that I will
Fight against my grins and sins

Life is just grand
Taking all my precious time
Leaving me with an empty hole
From which I always climb

Those actions used to stimulate
Now they run down and make me tired
Oh they just coagulate
Sunk deep in muck and mire

What I do; Is this is where I want to be?    (F, Em) – Chorus
Life has passed right on by
If it’s all over now
I’m sure I had a good time

DeWayne Moore

DeWayne Moore

Having received his master’s degree in from Middle Tennessee State University, DeWayne has spearheaded the renewed efforts of the Mt. Zion Memorial Fund, a private research and memorial organization since 2010. He completed his doctorate in History at the University of Mississippi in May 2018. He has contributed articles to Living Blues magazine out of Oxford, Mississippi, Blues & Rhythm magazine out of London, and the Frog Blues & Jazz Annual out of London, and he is revising his two monographs that expose the silences in historical scholarship pertaining to the black freedom struggle, the blues, and blues tourism in Mississippi by detailing the careers of African American activists and cultural brokers as well as the events from which blues tourism emerged in the 1970s.
DeWayne Moore

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