It's Over, a poem written by DeWayne Moore at

It’s Over

It’s Over

written by: DeWayne Moore



Days that pass, they seem to agree
I apply myself to the decline
I feel as if all are my enemies
And on my soul malign

Yesterday’s just a blur
But tomorrow I’ll fight again
Fight against the madness that I will
Fight against my grins and sins

Life is just grand
Taking all my precious time
Leaving me with an empty hole
From which I always climb

Those actions used to stimulate
Now they run down and make me tired
Oh they just coagulate
Sunk deep in muck and mire

What I do; Is this is where I want to be?    (F, Em) – Chorus
Life has passed right on by
If it’s all over now
I’m sure I had a good time

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