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It's Your Choice

written by: Kia Jones



There is always something that could hold you back,
Self doubt, not knowing or financial lack.
You could stay as you are, unable to win,
You could give up now, not even begin.
Or you could dream a bit more and try again,
Make diamond chips out of the rain.
You could believe in the magic you hold inside,
Forget all the excuses and the tears you have cried.
It's up to you where you go from here,
Will you follow your dreams or will you follow your fear?



Life is about choice. We can choose to give up or we can choose to carry on.

Kia Jones

Kia Jones

DECEMBER 2016 AUTHOR OF THE MONTH at Spillwords.com
A spiritualist a dreamer an abuse survivor. Somebody that believes in the intangible, the impossible and the incredible strength and resilience of the spirit.

Writing saved my mind 🙂
Kia Jones

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