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Journey to Worth

written by: Janice M. Resendez



She rose facing the wreckage
Purpose dismembered
Loyalty, duty, honor
All attributed merely to her role
Intrinsic value disregarded
Blackened, ashen, disfigured and emotionally mutilated
Split down her center
Her roots intact
Violently planted by the river
She remained

Janice M. Resendez

Janice M. Resendez

Janice M. Resendez’ childhood was filled with the perfumed air of orange groves and wineries near Opici in Southern California. Often personifying surrounding nature, they beckoned her to write. Third-grade teacher Mrs Walker beamed, “Janice has an exceptional ability to change lives through creative writing.” Janice perceived her mother to dismiss this gift, and hid it in the dark recesses of her heart. A young dedicated mother at age 18 pouring every ounce of worth into her 7 children, continuing to bury her gift she devoted 20 years to home-education. Inundated and drowning in her role as a mother and wife the light broke through. The darkness of an enshrouded Purpose could not overcome the light. Willfully Submitting her first submission on January 1st, 2020. Though she was lost, she can be found on Facebook and at TransPARENTcy Consulting, excavating truest self.
Janice M. Resendez

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