Just Before The Bridge, poetry by Ash Douglas at Spillwords.com
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Just Before The Bridge

Just Before the Bridge

written by: Ash Douglas



four shadows passing by midnight
the king, the jack, the ace, and the joker
pushing and shoving…jousting in jest
their laughter lulling the moon
as street lights froze everything in time
and the world just slept
shuffle and stroll in the wake of the chopping shore
they poked and praised, challenged some more
free until the sun began to peek
then they retreat with the dampening dew
enough stories for a thousand tomorrows
from a single night
a key to a forever yesterday

Ash Douglas

Ash Douglas

Writing is a huge part of my life. I eat, sleep, and breathe it. I consider it not only my passion but also my therapy. I’ve collected a lot of paperback journals over the years, and while they have served their purpose in allowing me to collect my thoughts, feelings, and emotions of the world around me. I knew there’d come a day when it wouldn’t be enough, I knew I had to start sharing my work in the digital universe. Transcribe this world of ours through my eyes. One way I can do that is through my poetry.
Ash Douglas

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