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Just To Dance

written by: Sheri M. Stewart


Staring with perpetual longing
memory desires to circle
the dancers sway softly
mind turns present to past.

No existing reality
recall not possible
forlorn of passion's embrace
only remembered desires.

Teasing promises slide forward
empty of sublime substance
reaching for internal connection
slipping somewhere beyond reach.

The beat and melody reverberating
pulsingly alive, internally felt
craving recognition and realization
to revolve in blissful union.

Oh to tear the inside to out
turn from imagined to real
to spiral with desires realized
spinning in yearning's embrace.

Sheri M. Stewart

Sheri M. Stewart

I am interested in and fascinated by so many things in the world around me. I am a dreamer and a lover. I endure great pain and sadness. I am bi-polar. I have learned to embrace the many facets of who I am. I chose to view my illness as just another part of what makes me unique. I write as a form of self-expression and art. I share in the hopes that others can identify with my writing and know they are not alone.
Sheri M. Stewart

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