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Just Wanted To Say…

Just Wanted To Say…

written by: Julie Powell



Struggling with so many words I’ve wanted to say to you

They swirl around my mind each and every day, so that’s nothing new

Never have my feelings been so strong, surely these feelings they can’t be wrong

It is true I only have eyes for you, and how I so wish you knew

Whatever I do my mind is always and forever on you

Never before have I wanted anything more

Your touch, your kiss, I really do miss

Being around you lifts me up, so much so I don’t wanna give up

You starting to let me in has helped us to begin, if it’s trust you fear don’t worry I will always be here

I won’t let you down never making you frown

Sharing our happy crown
helping one another when feeling down

Happy we shall be that I guarantee, you can always rely on me

After all we’ve been through you and me I know together we are destined to be

You’re lovely and I love you

Just wanted to say…

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