Justice... Nigeria, a poem by Nathson at Spillwords.com
Ayanfe Olarinde

Justice… Nigeria

Justice… Nigeria

written by: Nathson


My home, my land and my life,
They all lay in diaspora-
That ancient feeling of insecurity,

Lay low, stay calm and be quiet,
That’s all we were told,
Even as we watched our wards laid in death’s hold,

Don’t tell me to think,
My world no longer respects a sane man…
Lunatics, that’s the sect we celebrate,

They made a lieu for due process,
Made shortcuts in our system,
Now we’re everything we ever critiqued,

The jungle justice we kicked against,
We’ve now recruited men to do-
Even worse, that you become guilty, if suspected,
Living free is now a crime punishable by death,

Don’t live good,
I heard a friend whisper to another,
That’s another crime-
It can make me lose my brother,

My nation lost her sense of right,
She’s a queen no more-
But still celebrates, she’s now a quean,
Lying cheaply like a Jade,

Let all hell let loose on me,
For by the language of time-
I learned that writing this-
Could also be a crime,

Let my words echo in their ears,
Let my nation be redeemed from the hoax-
That ancient love of hijackers of history,
Let the treachery of her suitors come to an end,

Let my nation cease from being a Jade,
Let my words bring her up-
Let her rise up and take her place as the stallion she is…
Justice, Nigeria… Justice

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